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5 Reasons Sydney Jumping Castle Hire Is The Answer To Taking Your Event To The Next Level!

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Okay, let's face it.

You have an event to plan for, but there are only...

Weeks, or even... days... until the event.

And you haven't organised entertainment!? What???

Don't fear. It doesn't have to be hard at all. Procrastination may be one reason for this, but to be honest, who cares what the reason is. The reality is we're not all born event planners. And the good news is that it makes no difference at all whether you have any event experience or not. The conventional thing these days is to hire a photo booth, jukebox, or even a DJ. We're here today to give you 5 reasons why hiring a jumping castle in Sydney is your ticket to a successful event.

Jumping castles are the new 'it' when it comes to fun.

1.) It's Different.

Put very simply, how many parties do you attend where there's a freaking jumping castle? I bet not many. Whether it's a kids party or a corporate event, having a Sydney jumping castle is one sure way to stick out from the crowd. And we'll touch on in a bit later, but there are a tonne of options to choose from - there are inflatables that you'll drop jaws to when you see photos.

2.) It's Inexpensive

You'll be quite surprised when you dig deeper to find out prices of jumping castles. People have this crazy idea that these inflatables cost thousands. Now, they can. But very rarely. Unless you're looking to hire a super-dooper gigantic 20m+ course, you're only looking at a few hundred dollars for a starting point. A small amount compared to the other many costs you'll have to cover when organising your event.

3.) Variety

Now, we hope you're not one to freeze at the sight of large amounts of options. Because that's what you'll do in this scenario... freeze. Most jumping castle companies stock 10+ designs, some as many as 50-100. From superhero character themed inflatables to giant slides, when it comes times to choose, be ready to indulge in these amazing works of art!

Having a great variety ensures you can keep everyone happy!

4.) It All Comes To You

When booking a Sydney jumping castle, most companies will come directly to you. This includes set up and sometimes a staff member onsite to supervise for the duration of your event. Now that's convenient! When compared to other services, they'll sometimes require you to pick up things, leave a deposit, receive quick training on how to operate, and then return. With this, you book, and enjoy - that's it!

5.) Availability

Making reference to other industry entertainment solutions again (photo booths, DJs, jukeboxes), these services are often in short supply. This means you'll not always be able to book them, especially in peak season - August to December. This isn't true with jumping castle companies in Sydney. Having large stocks of different inflatables ensures availability (almost) all year round!

And there we have it. Our list of 5 reasons to why

is the answer your've been waiting for. Now we might be a bit bias in that statement, but we genuinely mean it! Come and find out why, contact our team today!


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